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Skinfay Capsule

Ceramides, the primary components of the extractable lipids in the outermost layer of the skin (stratum corneum), are essential for maintaining the structural integrity and barrier function of the epidermis. In various dry skin conditions, the ceramide levels tend to decrease. However, Ceramosides can elevate the ceramide levels in the skin, leading to significant improvements in moisturization within just 15 days. Ceramosides are derived from vegetarian sources, making them gluten-free and suitable for vegans. The recommended dosage is twice daily for 15 days, followed by once daily for the next 15 days.

It improves skin moisturization by 23% in 15 days & 36% in 60 days. It reduces trans epidermal water loss by 16% in 15 days & 18% in 60 days

Reduces skin roughness by 31 % after 15 days ,64 % after 60 days

Increases skin smoothness by 11 % after 15 days ,34 % after 60 days

Reduces micro wrinkles by 8 % after 15 days, 19 % after 60 days

Increases skin elasticity by 15 % after 15 days, 36 % after 60 day


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Key Ingredients

Ceramosides 35 mg

Ceramosides is a patented active complex of glycosyl ceramides and DGDG. Ceramides improve the ceramide level of the upper layer of the skin and DGDG helps in the absorption of ceramides.

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10 Capsule Strip/ 30 Capsules Jar