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Skinfay Syrup

The syrup form of Skinfay is specially designed for children. Ceramides, which are the main components of the skin’s lipid layer, play a crucial role in maintaining the skin’s barrier function. In various dry skin conditions, the level of ceramides tends to decrease.

Ceramosides help increase the ceramide level in the skin, leading to significant improvement in moisturization within 15 days.

Vegetarian Source, gluten-free, Vegan Source

Recommended Dosage- 5 ml twice daily for 15 days followed by 5 ml once daily for 15 days


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Key Ingredients

Ceramosides 17.5 mg

Ceramosides is a patented active complex consisting of glycosyl ceramides and DGDG (Digalactosyl Diglycerides). Ceramides play a crucial role in improving the ceramide level in the outermost layer of the skin, while DGDG aids in the absorption of ceramides.

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100 ml bottle